Silver Maples record 2013 sales

Many were blown away by the record sales of Silver Eagles by the US Mint in 2013 despite the falling market.  Well the Royal Canadian Mint have reported they sold an all time record 28.2 million Silver Maple Leaf coins.  That is an increase of 56% on 2012 and 5 million more than the previous record of 2011.  That 56% is twice the increase percentage of US Eagles at 27%.  Austrian Philharmonics numbers have not been released but there are estimates between 20 and 25 million, up on 8.8m in 2012 (127%!) and 17.9m in 2011. The World Silver Survey estimates global 2013 silver coin sales at 125m so you can see just how much these 3 mints dominate globally.  Ainslie stock all 3 plus our own home grown Perth Mint coins.