'Why Buy Bullion' Free Seminar 12th June - Brisbane

Limited seating, please book via phone or email 
1800 819 474 / [email protected]
Date: 12 June
Time: 5.30 – 6.15pm
Venue: Meeting Room 1B – Queensland State Library, Cultural Centre, Stanley Place, South Bank

Elsewhere in the world it is quite normal to have 10-20% of your wealth in gold and silver bullion, and yet in Australia there is a void of understanding or appreciation of this hard asset class that has stood the test of time over thousands of years. In this informative and thought provoking seminar we talk through the reasons people buy gold and silver bullion, how it both protects and grows wealth, and how easy it is to buy and store this hard asset either personally or in your super. At a time when global markets have been pumped up with printed money and low interest rates as central banks try to revive the post GFC economy, it has never been more relevant to learn about real money, a real hard asset, in a world of fiat currency and debt.

This presentation is educational not advice and includes a Q&A session at the end.

Transport to the Ainslie Bullion Seminar >
SLQ (State Library) is an easy walk from public transport options.
Bus: 2 minute walk from the Cultural Centre Busway. The GoMA bus stop is directly outside
Train: 5 minute walk from South Brisbane station
CityCat:5 minute walk from South Bank CityCat stop