Time bomb - Ainslie Bullion News

We’ve all heard those cheesy radio games where the caller has to yell “Stop!” before the increasingly threatening noise of the time bomb ends in an explosion.  In the context of the global economy that noise is getting louder and louder.  The last 2 days have been very interesting for observers sitting back watching.  Tuesday night saw big losses on Wall Street as investors got spooked on a raft of horrific economic news out of Europe and the IMF cutting (yet again) its economic outlook for the world (listen to tomorrow’s radio for a full wrap).  The ‘noise’ was increasing and a few yelled “Stop!”.  And last night?  US Fed comments revealed they see zero interest rates for still some time yet due to the impact of this very same noise.  i.e. the US will struggle to recover when Euro and Japan are in such a mess.  And what did Wall Street do?  It rallied up just as strongly as the previous night’s losses because the free money show continues.  Seriously!?  For those looking beyond the headlines and reading the real play going on (i.e. hearing the building noise) gold and silver are a logical “Stop!” or at least worth buying as a safe bunker for when the explosion comes.