There is Hope Yet

This morning, in an exclusive interview, London whistleblower Andrew Maguire told King World News that the launch of a physical gold and silver exchange in China was interfered with and subsequently killed by a New York based entity with very powerful Chinese connections.  Maguire also said Wednesday’s smash in gold and silver was blatant manipulation.  Here is what Maguire had to say about the situation:  “Well, Eric, it couldn’t have been more blatant (intervention in the gold market) could it?  Talk about not worrying about hiding your footprints.  This was obviously sanctioned somewhere at a higher level because the amounts of contracts, paper contracts that hit the market, all at once, within seconds of each other, this was not normal trading.”

Andrew Maguire continues:“ 

This (manipulation) was 100% to protect resistance levels that were about to be breached.  However, I don’t think for a minute this has fooled anybody.  Anyone in the physical market was waiting for something like this.  You only have to have enough of the weak money in there and sure enough they will flush it out.

They (commercials) have been meeting these guys (futures buyers) head on, one for one, short for long, for the last couple of weeks.  We’ve been seeing it build up and all they (commercials) have done is cash it in...

“We were seeing massive order flows. We were seeing every single bid being hit. The offers were just massive. I mean we were seeing 10’s and 20 thousand contracts at a time being unloaded by single individuals.

This would be the agents that control the markets. I don’t believe for a minute it was genuine selling. This was 100% paper orchestrated selling and it had nothing to do with the physical market whatsoever. They came in with massive sell orders, creating absolute panic in the marketplace.”

Maguire added some breaking news for KWN readers and listeners: “I’d like to briefly remind King World News listeners just what PAGE (the Pan Asian Gold Exchange) was going to be. This was going to be a Chinese Exchange that was to completely change the way gold and silver trade globally.

If you recall from our previous interview, it posed an immediate threat to the current fractional reserve bullion banking system. It was the competition of a brand new fully allocated gold and silver contract being pitched up against unbacked paper contracts. It’s not a stretch to imagine what a threat these contracts posed to the bullion banks.

The whole thing was killed and we recently found out how PAGE was interfered with. Within hours of our King World News interview last July, I mean you sure get some hits on your show, Eric, the interference stemmed out of a New York based entity with very strong Chinese relationships. It delayed it enough to kill it and it was killed.

China has recently been taking back control of all of the regional gold exchanges. But it’s more of a bullish thing that’s happening here. I think the Chinese are actually formalizing a proper RMB/Gold relationship, once the new government is in place.

I want to get to the good news. The original people behind the international PAGE contract, they stepped aside from PAGE when it ran into this interference (from the New York based entity). They moved to set up their own dedicated international exchange.

It’s been in the works, quietly, for many months now and we will soon be able to announce the first official trading day. This is a game changer, Eric. There are just two of these bullion banks that control almost 95% of all precious metals derivatives, so you can only imagine how welcome this new competition is going to be.

Now the LBMA and the COMEX based bullion banks, they are already defending what is really a growing and unsustainable underwater naked short position in gold and silver. That’s why we see the kind of antics we saw on Wednesday.

So things are about to change, Eric. This new competition will give naked short holders a heck of a lot to think about. This is a bombshell.”

The above information is a very small portion of this incredibly important interview with Whistleblower Maguire. He lets KWN listeners know exactly what maneuvers are happening in the gold and silver markets, where the large physical orders from sovereign entities are priced, what triggers are in place and what to expect directly in front of us and longer-term in the gold and silver markets. The KWN exclusive audio interview with Andrew Maguire is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.