“Their” hands on your Super

There is growing commentary of late on exactly who is going to use YOUR super in years to come.  There are examples around the world where Governments have moved in on retirement funds to ease their own debt woes.  Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be that hard for the government to establish its own “Infrastructure Fund” with some nominal return from tolls and the like and mandate the big industry funds to invest into it.

The following quote from Kris Sayce knocks it on the head.  Right now you can relatively easily and inexpensively establish your own SMSF (self managed super fund) and have physical gold and silver bullion as a part of it… indeed as much as you like. Click here to learn more.  As Kris suggests below they may try and make SMSF’s harder to do.  There is little conceivable way they could do so with something as straight forward as gold and silver bullion and rules are very rarely applied retrospectively. 

“Now super is a ‘national asset’. It’s not surprising that politicians and lobby groups have given it that new identity.

After all, the total value of Aussie super now runs to over $2 trillion.

That’s enough to pay off the federal government’s debt six times over. The trouble is, right now, the money is just out of reach.

Making it even harder is the fact that more than a quarter of all super money is in self-managed super funds.

That’s why the super industry is backing the government’s plans for more rules for super. They want the rules to be so harsh that people will ditch SMSFs and flock back to mainstream funds.

That way the super fund industry can slice off their fees, and gain favour with the government by shifting capital where the government wants — infrastructure, nation building, and so on.

Make no mistake. This is about a wealth grab. You’ll end up working longer, but getting less in retirement as the government grabs your super and replaces it with a new Aged Pension.”

Few investments feel as intuitively ‘right’ as gold and silver for retirement.  They are a proven safe haven that you can sell down in small amounts as you need in your pension phase (compared to a property for instance).  Unless you are very close to retirement it is certain that there will be a major financial markets correction between now and then.  You need to protect your future income from being caught out by that….