The trigger for gold and silver price growth

There are many theories about what will spark the next bull run on gold and silver prices.  At one extreme we have the introduction of a gold backed (standard) new reserve currency or this quote from the famous Ted Butler.. There are so many positive fundamentals at the moment you can take your pick.

“In a nutshell, the coming influence of monetary expansion on gold and silver prices will be due to the great inflation already witnessed in other asset classes. At some point, it is inevitable that there will be some switching of funds from bonds, stocks and real estate to precious metals. There always is such switching as asset classes come in and go out of favour on a recurring basis. Someday, something will spook the bond, stock or currency markets and there will be some rush to precious metals. Because the growth of other asset classes has been so monumental, even the smallest amount of switching to precious metals will have a profound impact on gold and, especially, on silver prices.”