The failure of money printing

A few things have come to light in the last week that seriously question the effectiveness and end game of the global easy money situation.  Gold jumped Friday night after more poor economic news out of the US, whilst headlines talk of 953K new jobs being created in US, 731K of those were part time, the US has changed the way it calculates GDP to include future ‘promised’ pension benefits and other tricks (the same US that won’t put similar obligations on it’s balance sheet) improving the appearance (not reality) of growth, the IMF has again downgraded its global growth forecasts and at home we are all seeing the headlines of tougher times ahead.  What makes all this all the more incredible and relevant to your holding bullion is this is despite rampant global money printing.  Again, any talk of tapering these practices is either false or will be short lived.  Gold and silver bullion is real money.