The Incredible Healing Properties of Silver


While Silver is well known as the most conductive metal, it is also well-known for its healing properties and its role in medicine. Please note that none of this should be taken as medical, or financial, advice.

According to Herodotus, the armies of Ancient Greece used silver vessels to keep water clean and fresh, drawing on the antibacterial nature of silver well before modern science had even discovered bacteria itself. The Roman Empire adopted the Greek’s usage of silver by producing large silver urns to store wine to prevent spoilage. Pioneers in the American wild west put silver coins in their casks of drinking water, and even in milk!

Even today, there are a wide range of sterling silver water bottles that advertise the same health benefits. Our General Manager in Melbourne loves to trick new staff doing stock counts by hiding an ounce of silver in the coffee machine - we all thought it was the beans that made the coffee in Ainslie’s Melbourne Branch so aromatic!

They say that the most privileged of children are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. For the longest time, Sterling Silver (92.5% purity) was used for cutlery. In the middle ages this was said to keep the wealthy that could afford silver utensils safe from passing infections. In a similar vein, Chinese emperors and their concubines used silver chopsticks. When silver was currency, people had the advantage of holding silver in their hands as opposed to paper which lacks any healing qualities.

For the last 1200 years, colloidal silver has been used in hospitals for its healing qualities and as an antibacterial. In Europe from the 1800s, the use of silver as an antibacterial was widespread. However in the 1930s, synthetically manufactured drugs displaced the white metal, the profits and simplicity of its production led to a reduction in the use of colloidal silver. In 2011, the NIH studied how 12 year olds suffering from the common cold and nasal congestion reacted to colloidal silver with the control group taking a placebo. They found that 90% of the colloidal silver group made a full recovery within days.

Just remember not to go too overboard, as internet sensation, “Blue man”, found out:

Today, silver is used in a wide range of medical applications, including treating burn victims, wound dressings, breathing tubes and a variety of catheters. Colloidal silver is used to treat victims of bacteria, yeasts, viruses and fungal organisms. In fact, no viral organism has ever survived more than 6 minutes when exposed to colloidal silver. That might have been great knowledge for the global community to have had earlier this decade.

In short, we believe Silver is one of the most amazing metals on the planet. It literally has the potential to save your life…. in more ways than one.