The Gift of Gold

On Sunday the Swiss vote in the Gold Referendum.  A YES vote would in essence be a gift to gold and the world.  A yes vote will hopefully start the kind of conversations we are having everyday amongst the broader population who might at last look into what governments and central banks are doing around the world and why gold is an important asset and wealth hedge.  Governments that recklessly rack up continual deficits and the resulting debt, and Central banks that use money printing and artificial stimulus to temporarily enrich the rich but not address the core issue of debt.  Since the Swiss National Bank sold down its gold and pegged the Franc to the Euro they have seen the Franc fall 16%, their balance sheet blow out nearly threefold to one of the worst in the world v GDP (see graph below), GDP averaging an anaemic 0.4%/quarter, and the falling Franc for a net importer seeing real inflation as well.  Hopefully people will see and understand the value and discipline gold represents.

Speaking of gold being a gift…  We have launched our Ainslie Bullion Gift Registry.  Working just like, say, a Myer Gift Registry but for gold and silver with Ainslie Bullion, it provides people celebrating a wedding, baby shower, 21st or the like with a means of avoiding the awkward “give us cash” with an easy to use, tasteful platform to gift real, enduring, beautiful bullion.  Check it out here.