The Future Proof Portfolio

You could be excused for concluding, when reading our daily news, that we think you should sell everything and buy gold and silver.  We try regularly to say we are more about balance than “all in” precious metals but irregular readers could miss that.  That said our tag line is “Balance your wealth in an unbalanced world”!


Why, with everything we report each day about a looming financial crisis, would we say that?  To be frank, because we don’t know when this will happen.  And in fairness to whomever you seek financial advice, nor do they.  Markets act erratically, central bankers seem to be able to string it all out longer than you think possible, and count how many times we use the word ‘unprecedented’ when reporting what’s going on in the world today.  The reality is that this global economic experiment is exactly that, unprecedented.  That means no one really knows how it will end or when.  That means you need a balanced portfolio; one that will have one of its components ‘up’ whilst others may be ‘down’ or neutral.  Remember you don’t always get to choose when you divest.  This is particularly important in Self Managed Super Funds.  You don’t get to choose where the market is at when you retire.


This is why we’ve teamed up with some guys we really respect in the areas of shares, bonds, and property to bring you a seminar titled “The Future Proof Portfolio” on 22 November at the State Library Queensland.


Matthew Gross is the Director of The National Property Research Co.  They are an independent property research consultancy.  I used Matt almost exclusively over my 20 year property development career because he researches innovatively and thoroughly and tells you as it is, not what you might want it to be when investing potentially 10’s of millions of dollars of shareholders money.  Matt will give you insight into what’s happening in property and strips down the generalist property bubble headlines. In fact you may have seen him in Channel 7 News last night talking about Brisbane's apartment market. 


Simon Gabbie is a Director at Godfrey Pembroke Financial Advice Specialists and licenced Financial Advisor for over 16 years.  Simon is a wise head in financial planning and takes what we consider a well balanced and importantly, honest view on investment.  Simon’s services are ‘fee for service’ meaning there is no distraction of commissions in deciding what is best for his clients.  Diversification is his mantra.


And then of course is your humble scribe on gold and silver!


So why not join us and get your friends along as well (particularly those thinking you are ‘nuts’ buying gold) to hear all about investing in this new paradigm of finance and investment fundamentals.  Seats are limited and the response on release yesterday was very strong, so don’t delay.  Click on the link below for details.