The End of an Era

Dear Clients, Business Associates and Friends,

Friday marked the end of an era for Ainslie Bullion with the departure of Brian from the business to a well earned retirement.

Whilst we've spoken about Brian departing on 30 June for some time he has fortunately snared an early operation for a knee replacement tomorrow which will see him unable to return before that date.  We therefore now bid him farewell and take this opportunity on behalf of all of us here in the Ainslie Bullion team and  you our valued customers, clients, and business associates (many of whom we call friends), to wish him all the very best and thank him sincerely for the way in which he has dealt with each and every one of us over the years.

Brian has instilled in this business an ethos of putting our customers first and has done so with a genuine and selfless desire to help people protect and grow their wealth, even if at times that might not have been in the interests of the company.  That is a rare trait in any business owner and even rarer for the fact that it was always done with a good dose of humour and fun along the way.

Whilst his son Paul has taken on the partnership with Geoff, many of you will have already met Tony Parkin who will take on most of what Brian did day to day.  Tony also wears the hat of Chief Analyst and brings a wealth of knowledge to the business and more importantly our customers with the analysis and information he can provide. 

Brian’s irrepressible spirit, humour and experience will be sorely missed by all of us here and no doubt many of you.  What he leaves behind though is a business in great shape, with an absolute focus on its customers and dealing fairly, openly and honestly with all its suppliers and stakeholders within a culture of good fun and spirit.

I know you will join us in wishing him all the very best (and no doubt his poor wife J ) for the future.  We also have no doubt we will see him in here regularly in the future especially around “scotch o'clock” time at the end of the day.

From all of us, Thanks Brian.