The Economic Data Rollercoaster

Its an incredible age we are in where the system is so tightly wound, knows it can unravel very quickly (ala GFC but now worse), and dominated by HFT (high frequency traders) like our bullion bank mates, that every bit of economic data released sends markets sharply up and down.  Be it Y/N taper QE, the latest jobs or GDP figures, or shortly whether the US will raise its debt ceiling before shutting down, etc etc; it is constant.  But what we think is the real constant is the fundamentals of a world of easy currency and sky high debt, with the Ponzi situation of the former needed more and more to service the latter, but all the while adding to it.  Markets are reacting as they are now because no one wants to get caught out when it all fails.  A prudent alternative would seem to be investing for the long term in something that has always outperformed over the longer term in such an environment; real gold and silver, privately owned and stored.