Silver’s Epic Technical Setup

Keeping it very simple today as a chart can paint a thousand words and the legendary Mike Maloney can put it into words better than most… Silver is increasingly looking like breaking out... Here’s why…

43-year GSR and cup and handle


Mike Maloney talks at length about this cup and handle set up here on video embeded below.


Continuing to keep it brief today, this one picture outlines the full allure of silver as both monetary asset and commodity, historically undervalued with an alignment of all constructive factors playing out right now…

@TaviCosta tweet regarding Silver on the move


Both gold and silver are having a lovely (and well overdue) pullback today. Some might call it ‘on sale’ – but don’t expect it to last. As we discussed this week, gold and silver present an incredible each way bet on what’s playing right now in the global economy.