Safeguarding Your Precious Metals: A Comprehensive Guide to Bullion Storage

When it comes to investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, one of the most crucial considerations is how to store your valuable bullion securely.

At Ainslie Bullion, we understand the importance of protecting your investments, and we offer a range of storage options to ensure your precious metals are kept safe, accessible, and fully protected. In this guide, we'll explore various storage solutions to help you make informed choices for securing your bullion.

Options for Storing Your Precious Metals

At Ainslie Bullion, we offer a comprehensive range of precious metals storage solutions designed to meet your individual needs. Here are the options available to you:

1. Take Your Bullion Home

For those who prefer to keep their bullion close at hand, Ainslie Bullion offers discreet, secure, and fully insured delivery options to customers across Australia. Whether you want your precious metals delivered to your home, PO Box, or office, our dedicated team ensures a discreet and secure delivery process.

Additionally, we have secure office locations in Brisbane and Melbourne, where you can personally pick up your bullion within 30 days, at your convenience. Our staff at these locations are knowledgeable and friendly, ready to assist you with any questions and help you transport your bullion safely.

No matter how you choose to receive your bullion, Ainslie Bullion is committed to ensuring the process is easy, secure, and convenient for you.


Immediate Access: Storing precious metals at home allows for quick and easy access in case of emergencies or a sudden need to liquidate assets.

Privacy: Storing metals at home can be a discreet way to maintain privacy about your holdings, as opposed to storing them in a bank or depository where records are kept.

No Storage Fees: Unlike storing metals in a bank or depository, there are no ongoing storage fees associated with keeping them at home, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Physical Control: You have direct physical control over your precious metals, reducing the risk of third-party mismanagement or theft.

Collector's Enjoyment: If you are a collector, having your precious metals on display at home can provide personal enjoyment and satisfaction.


Security Risks: Storing valuable metals at home can make you vulnerable to theft, burglaries, or even loss due to natural disasters like fires or floods. You must invest in high-level security measures.

Capacity Issues: Another consideration for precious metal storage, particularly silver bullion is the amount of physical space it consumes. Unlike other precious metals, silver bullion is less dense and therefore a sizeable investment takes up a lot of room quite quickly and is quite heavy to move around. Gold storage, in contrast, is quite easy as the metal is far denser and takes up less room.

Regulatory Considerations: Depending on whether the gold bullion is held in your SMSF, there may be tax implications and regulations associated with owning and storing precious metals at home that you need to be aware of.

2. Store in an Ainslie Allocated Storage Account

Ainslie Bullion offers allocated storage accounts that allow you to take ownership of specific bullion products. You can purchase and store gold, platinum, and silver bars, as well as select coins, under your name, your company, trust, or SMSF, for an annual charge.

This storage option provides the flexibility to easily sell or request delivery of your bullion with written instructions via email. Our allocated storage ensures fully segregated, secure, and insured storage for your investment.

You can also view your current holdings and their value at any time through our Storage Portal on the website, making it simple for end-of-year financial reporting.

Please note that allocated storage does not accept silver coins (excluding Kangaroos or non-capsulated world coins).

The allocated storage fees are as follows: Silver - $18.70/kg per annum (incl. GST), Gold - $14.30/oz per annum (incl. GST), and all allocated bullion storage is fully insured within these prices for added peace of mind.


Segregation and Ownership: With allocated storage, the precious metals you purchase are stored separately and clearly designated as your own property. This offers a higher level of assurance that the metals belong to you.

Security: Allocated storage accounts are typically held in secure, insured vaults or depositories with advanced security measures, reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Professional Management: These accounts are often managed by reputable institutions or custodians with expertise in storing and safeguarding precious metals.

Insurance Coverage: Allocated storage accounts usually come with insurance coverage to protect your assets in case of theft, damage, or other unforeseen events.

Diversification: Owning precious metals through an allocated storage account allows you to diversify your investment portfolio without the need for physical possession.


Storage Costs: There are typically ongoing storage fees associated with allocated storage accounts, which can add to the overall cost of owning precious metals.

Lack of Physical Access: You may not have direct physical access to your metals stored in allocated accounts. If you want to take possession of your assets, you may need to go through a withdrawal process, which can take additional time.

3. Storing Precious Metals in an Ainslie Unallocated Storage Account

Unallocated storage, also known as a "Pool Account," offers a convenient way to invest in gold and silver without owning specific bars or coins. Instead, you have a defined weight interest in a pool of bullion held by Ainslie Bullion. All unallocated purchases are fully backed by gold and silver bullion and are fully insured.

Ongoing storage in the pool is free for as long as you wish to stay invested. This option allows you to easily sell or request redemption and delivery of your bullion with written instructions via email. You can monitor your current holdings and their value through our Storage Portal on the website, making it hassle-free for financial reporting.

Unallocated storage is a popular choice due to its ease, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, making it perfect for customers who want to manage their precious metals storage conveniently from home.


Lower Storage Costs: Unallocated storage typically involves lower storage fees compared to allocated storage because your metals are not stored separately but rather in a pooled account with those of other investors. This can make it a cost-effective option.

Easy Liquidity: Unallocated storage offers more straightforward access to liquidity. You can sell your metals more quickly because there's no need to go through the process of withdrawing physical assets.

Lower Minimum Investments: Some providers of unallocated storage may have lower minimum investment requirements, making it more accessible to a wider range of investors.

Flexibility: With unallocated storage, you can easily buy and sell smaller quantities of precious metals without the restrictions associated with allocated storage.


Limited Control: You have limited control over the specific bars or coins that make up your investment in unallocated storage. This can be a drawback for those who prefer to have physical possession or specific control over their holdings.

No Physical Possession: In unallocated storage, you do not have the option to take physical possession of your metals. If having physical access is essential to you, this can be a significant drawback.

4. Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault

For the utmost security, Ainslie Bullion has partnered with two world-class underground vault providers: Reserve Vault in Brisbane and The Melbourne Vault in Melbourne. These vaults offer a wide range of secure storage options, including safe deposit boxes and high-capacity bullion safes of various sizes.

They provide protection against personal threats, theft, fire, flood, and building damage by storing your bullion away from your residence or business.

Reserve Vault and The Melbourne Vault offer cost-effective insurance through group policies underwritten by the world's leading insurer. They also provide independent audit services at competitive rates, making them suitable for your SMSF or business.

With options like hands-off or remote-controlled custodial storage, you retain complete control over access to your bullion. You are the sole key holder, and access is granted only to you or those you nominate.

Additionally, Ainslie Bullion enjoys a special arrangement with both vaults, allowing you to have your Ainslie purchase delivered directly to the vault, where you can receive, store, and even sell your bullion within the vault's secure premises.


Security: The Melbourne Vault and Reserve Vault are reputable storage facilities and offer high-level security measures to protect your precious metals from theft, damage, or loss.

Insurance: Both vaults offer complimentary insurance coverage with the ability to purchase more for larger amounts.

Professional Management: Both facilities run by experienced professionals and offer better safeguards and service for your investments.

Control: You hold the key when you rent a safe or safety deposit box at one of these facilities giving you greater flexibility over the time in which you can manage your investments. All items are able to be checked and inspected by you before they are stored away.

Free Delivery: For Both The Reserve Vault and Melbourne Vaults, Ainslie offers free and fully-insured transport to and from each facility meaning your bullion is safe from purchase to storage.


Cost: Storage facilities typically charge fees for their services, and these fees can vary. Evaluate the cost of storage against your investment objectives.

Counterparty Risk: Even with secure facilities, there is always some level of counterparty risk associated with trusting a third party to safeguard your assets.

Accessibility Restrictions: Some storage facilities may have limited access hours or specific withdrawal processes that could affect your ability to retrieve your metals quickly.

Why Choose Ainslie Bullion

When it comes to securing your precious metals, trust Ainslie Bullion, an established name in the industry since 1974. We offer a range of storage options to meet your unique needs, ensuring the utmost security, convenience, and peace of mind for your precious metal investments.