Platinum and Palladium - “Supply Crunch”

A good investment scenario is often to find something that is undersupplied and with growing demand. This could not be more true than for Platinum and Palladium. By the end of 2012 the platinum market saw a supply deficit of 375,000 oz (5% of total supply), palladium 1.07m oz (12% of total supply). We’ve written before that palladium has been the best performing precious metal this year and its obvious to see why.

2013 estimates see the deficit for both continuing but with platinum actually getting tighter at 7.5% and palladium a still alarming 9%. Both a benefiting from increased car sales (for catalytic converters) and tightening emissions standards being regulated around the world. Platinum has also seen substantial increases in jewellery and investment take up. Ainslie Bullion stock both metals for sale.