Nine Gold Myths Everyone Needs to Understand (Part 1) + Video

There are nine prevalent myths and false arguments that bankers and their puppet commercial investment firms have used to keep people from buying physical gold and physical silver over the years (remember the paper GLD and the paper SLV is NOT a proxy for physical gold and physical silver and from the information in the prospectuses, very likely nowhere near 100% backed by physical gold and physical silver as they claim).

To counteract this misinformation and counterintelligence that bankers spread so that they may continue to impose their immoral and criminal fiat currency monetary system upon global citizens, I have made two videos that pick apart and disprove the nine most popular pieces of misinformation disseminated by bankers against gold (and silver). In part one below, I discuss myths 1 through 4.

(1) People that Buy Gold and Silver WANT the Economy to Collapse. 
This argument is illogical and confuses cause and effect. This is analogous to warning people not to cook and eat raw meat that has been unrefrigerated for days, and when people eat this meat and become deathly ill, blaming the people that warned the others not to eat the meat for the epidemic of salmonella that is happening.

(2) Gold’s Price is Too High
People that make this argument have no idea why they say this. Just because the price of an asset is high does not mean it is expensive. One has to understand the asset’s value before one can make the valid argument that the price is “too high”. People that argue that gold’s price is “too high” routinely pay 2,500 times more than the price of gold for the comparable weight in diamonds yet never believe they are paying too much for diamonds. Yet, the facts are that the banking cartel artificially raises the price of diamonds and artificially suppresses the price of gold and silver on a routine basis.

(3) Gold is Useless During Economic Collapse Because You Can’t Eat It
Perhaps the dumbest argument yet. In every instance when fiat currency has collapsed, and EVERY fiat currency in history has eventually collapsed because it is akin to monopoly money, people that owned physical gold and physical silver were able to use these precious metals to buy food, including most recently in Zimbabwe and during post WWI Germany. People argue that you can’t eat gold and silver, but yet hold fiat currency of which about 98% of it exists ONLY in the form of digital credits that reside on the banking cartels’ computers. Hmmm, I wonder how delicious those imaginary digital credits taste? Furthermore, silver has anti-bacterial properties that keep water and milk pure for months, so whole you may not be able to eat, it, you can store liquids necessary for survival in it that will keep liquids pure for months.

(4) The Gold Standard Will Not Work Because Bankers Own All the Gold

The Bankers own all the fake imaginary gold and silver in the form of the GLD and SLV ETFs and paper futures contracts that are backed by almost no real physical gold and physical silver but just air. But certainly they do not own ALL the real physical gold and physical silver. If this were the case, then the banksters in Turkey would not be begging Turkish citizens to turn over all their REAL physical gold over to their fake banking system to save it. In the video below, I use the analogy of Poker to describe why a Gold Standard DOES work in protecting the citizens’ rights and consequently explain why Banksters hate the Gold Standard, using a real life history example of post WWI Great Britain.

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