New record on silver coin sales

It is looking certain 2015 will be an all time record year for the sale of the 2 biggest selling silver coins – the US Mint’s Silver Eagle and Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver Maple.

The US Mint will cease sales of 2015 US Silver Eagles from 11 December and have already sold 43.8m of them.  2014 set the record at 44m so that will be easily surpassed and there are estimates of 47m being reached for 2015.

As mentioned in today’s Weekly Wrap podcast the Royal Canadian Mint just announced their 2015 Q3 figures and they were staggering.  Silver Maples were up 76% to 9.5m oz (gold Maples were up 135%!).  Year to end Q3 saw 25.2m silver Maples sold, 20.6% up on 2014 and extrapolates to another record 33.6m oz.

The graph below illustrates clearly the shortfall in supply to produce these as well.  We sell both the US Silver Eagles and Silver Maples (and of course a whole range of Perth Mint silver coins too!).