NYSE Matched Volume Drops To New Decade Low In February

Someone is obviously not complying with the central-planner script and rotating fast enough into equities.

In February, total NYSE matched volume (defined as the number of shares of equity securities and exchange-traded products executed on the NYSE Group's exchanges), dropped 13.6% from a year ago, 9.4% from January, and at 20.5 billion shares in the 19 trading days of February, represents a fresh decade low for the exchange (source).

Perhaps it is time for central planning to take it up a level and restore some more confidence in equities as an asset class, by having the Chairman release some 30 minutes before the start of trading what the closing price for the DJIA will be every day. Only this way can one truly the Fed's dedication to getting every hotdog vendor back into the ponzi scheme that are global stocks, which unlike the last time the Fed lost control and saw the S&P cut in half in a few months, will never happen again.

Cause this time it's different.

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-11/nyse-matched-volume-drops-new-decade-low-february