Javier Milei: WEF, Blackrock Ally?

Javier Milei: Anti-socialist, rebel leader of Argentina and ally of WEF and Blackrock? If the WEF and Blackrock can't acquire assets and control over economies under one political ideology, why not use another?

Milei rose to prominence by criticising Argentina's established elite and advocating for economic reform. Dramatic videos showed him running around the streets with a chainsaw, talking about destroying government bodies, and even dressing up as a superhero. Milei was the antithesis of all previous politicians in Argentina. The same Milei was also engaged in talks with Larry Fink of Blackrock about investment prospects in Argentina.

Reports suggest that Fink expressed interest in acquiring state-owned companies in Argentina, aligning with Milei's agenda of privatising state assets (taking taxpayer funded assets, and essentially gifting them to corporations). BlackRock apparently already has existing investments in Argentine firms and substantial holdings of Argentine bonds. They also reportedly put pressure on the government to prevent them from restructuring their debt.

Despite Milei's anti-establishment rhetoric, his actions seem to be supportive of the elites he has been seemingly roasting. Milei has already appointed former J.P. Morgan executives to his administration. One of Milei's advisers is Dario Epstein, who has close ties to BlackRock, further blurring the lines between Milei's purported stance and his actual affiliations.

"We have a very extraordinary person among us today, and of course we are all eager to listen to you. And, again, a very cordial welcome to the World Economic Forum."

-Klaus Schwab

Screenshot of WEF video

(Photo: Screenshot from the video, World Economic Forum, YouTube - Jfeed)

Milei's speech this year at the WEF's annual meeting was a widely covered and highly publicised success. Despite his criticism of the WEF establishment, Milei's address was well-received by the crowd. In fact, Milei was personally walked in by Klaus Schwab and given the opportunity to be one of the main speakers. Rather than challenging the status quo, Milei's speech seemed to promote private sector involvement, aligning with the WEF's well-known goal of public-private partnerships.

This shift in rhetoric prompts us to reconsider Milei's role in the broader geopolitical landscape. Is he truly an adversary of the WEF, or is he inadvertently aiding in the forum's evolution towards a new narrative? Is the WEF now seeking to promote libertarian ideals while maintaining corporate influence over public policy?

We may be saying goodbye to the "woke" and collectivist vehicle for an ultra-centralised economy and hello to the libertarian and individualist one. Same centralised, digitally controlled global economy, different social talking points and keywords.

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