In Gold We Trust annual – “Monetary Climate Change”

The annual In Gold We Trust report has become the most eagerly awaited independent analysis and commentary of gold and silver markets.  This week it was released and today we provide links to both the compact and the full 346 page version together with a video of highlights.  Longer term readers will recall we previewed it back in March here, here, here  and here but much has happened since.

Every year has a ‘theme’ and this year it is all about “Monetary Climate Change” or as one of the authors explains:

“In the In Gold We Trust report 2019, our leitmotif was trust. Currencies are based on a triad of stability, credibility and confidence. In our opinion, this trust in the future purchasing power of money is on the brink of collapse, as currently evidenced by the crack-up boom-like developments in the financial markets. Ultimately, the public’s trust in unbacked currencies stands or falls on whether central banks do not abuse the money-creation privilege, for example for covert government financing. But it is precisely in this context that we are registering those fundamental changes that, taken together, paint the picture of a monetary climate change.”

“The monetary climate change is a multilayered paradigm shift, the breakthrough to which as triggered by the pandemic and the political reactions to it.”

Below are the links to both versions and we urge you to read at least the shorter version.  Why?  They include a quote from the late, great David Bowie which answers this perfectly:

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” 

Link to Compact Version - Compact Version - English (24 pages)
Link to full version - Full Version - English  (346 pages)
Video with the key takeaways of the report - English version