He who holds the gold makes the rules

Its an old saying but an article published by GATA extracting minutes from a US Government meeting confirm what we keep saying.  Central Banks hold gold to protect their wealth and maintain economic control. Since 1973 (when the ‘world’ left the gold standard) they collectively sold down reserves.  From the GFC (when they realised its replacement, the mighty US dollar was fatally flawed/doomed) they started building reserves again, particularly eastern Governments.  Do yourself a favour and read this article on our website. 

Then ask yourself if the widely held view that the US has essentially lost most of its gold (there’s been no official audit or public viewing of Fort Knox since 1953) and we know for a fact China, Russia et al have been building their holdings; and we know nothing has been ‘fixed’ post GFC and the US keeps printing/debasing the ‘world currency’ hand over fist…. Is there a revaluation of the gold price and financial control coming soon and will you have some?