Happy New (Financial) Year

2015 will be a 30 June we remember for some time as it coincided with the Greek default and exit threat, bank and sharemarket closure, Puerto Rico announcing it too will default on $72 billion in debts, and China’s sharemarket officially entering a bear market exceeding 20% losses and ending their longest ever bull market despite desperate stimulus attempts.  The financial year finished with the All Ords up 1.6%, Gold up 9.4% and Silver down 7.6%.  However in the first half year without QE since the GFC (2nd half of FY15), how did things fair?  The All Ords was essentially flat finishing 0.66% up, in contrast Gold was up 6.1% and Silver up 7.3%.  Apart from Sydney, gold and silver would have comfortably out performed property in that period as well (and let’s face it Sydney’s performance could well trigger a nationwide correction at any time).  So whilst gold and silver prices are currently low, they have still performed well in this post US QE period.  Reflecting on the possible contagion possibilities of the opening sentence above it could well be the buy of the century right now.

Note, for Self Managed Super Funds and other reporting entities we record the 30 June prices each year which we include under Bullion Information > Historic Pricelists on our website or just click HERE for FY15.