Golden turnaround in Japan

Japan is the worlds 3rd largest economy despite being in the doldrums for a couple of decades.  Since 2012 Prime Minister Abe has launched an unprecedented easy money exercise to jump start the deflation stalled economy with $75b/month money printing and cheap loans.  Well its simply not working.  They’ve had almost no growth despite this and a much weaker Yen, but racked up one of the world’s highest debt to GDP ratios in the process.  Curiously they have also been one of the only Asian countries not buying gold.  Well that has just turned around with reports of a leading bullion dealer seeing 500% increase in sales this month and WGC numbers showing a turnaround to net buyers again.  It seems their citizens are starting to see “Abenomics” is not working and starting to prepare themselves by protecting their wealth with gold.