Gold Silver Standard NFTs

Over the last few months, we have been building a brand-new NFT which is the first of its kind. We have identified a no-brainer solution in the NFT space which we have been able to bring to fruition.

We are guided by a simple yet profound concept – create the decentralised store of value for the metaverse.

Introducing Gold Silver Pirates, a Gold and Silver Standard NFT:

First, a bit of a background:

The AUS and AGS tokens have come a long way since their inception as an ERC-20 token. The natural evolution of the project was to create a series of gold and silver-backed NFTs. Much like how large bullion minters will produce limited runs of special coins, Gold and Silver Standard NFTs give the underlying precious metals artistic value even rarer than the metal itself – with enhanced visuals and a professional tone.

The digital world presents the perfect opportunity to right the errors in the current financial system, which is what The Gold and Silver Standard aims to achieve. Once again, money can be based on something unbreakable, unlike the current 'government promise' backed FIAT system.

Taking this a step further, finally, we can introduce real value into the Metaverse, using the power of gold and silver backed NFTs. Without a doubt, traditional industries will run on blockchain technology. Software is eating the world and the world is digitising everything. The adoption rate of this technology is quicker than that of the Internet. It is only a matter of time until NFTs are used regularly. Whether you believe it not yet, we are packing up and moving into the Metaverse, and the pace of this move is exponential.

What if we could create and write the rules for THE store of value for the Metaverse? A system where the standard is underpinned by the same currency that society has recognised for millennia. A structure where we get to enjoy the security and stability of a timeless asset, and the benefit and utility that blockchain technology provides. Welcome to The Gold and Silver Standard, the Gold Standard of The Metaverse.


Starting April 20th 2022, there are 10 NFT drops, each drop containing 1,000 Pirates. Each Gold Silver Pirate is 'backed' by real physical gold and silver bullion. The amount of gold and silver that 'backs' each NFT is determined by their attributes – each attribute being worth a certain amount of gold or silver.

Each NFTs gold and silver backing will be visible in its attributes and metadata. You can see how much gold or silver backs each attribute here:

Each piece of gold or silver is backed by AUS and AGS tokens 1:1.

1 AUS = 1 gram of real gold.

1 AGS = 1 gram of real silver.

There are also multiple 'Normal' attributes which are not backed by any gold or silver – but they still look cool!

To surpass traditional valuation metrics Gold Silver Pirates will establish a strong community of like-minded individuals who all believe in building the bridge between value in the real and digital worlds. By purchasing a Gold Silver Pirate, you become a part of the vision, get early access to our future projects, and become a part of our transition to the Gold Standard of the Metaverse.

Once you own 1 of the 10,000 Pirates, you're a part of our gold-loving crew. That also means that you can be the first to access our future adventures with The Gold and Silver Standard. More gold and silver is coming, and by securing a Pirate NFT you get a key to our future treasure chest of Gold and Silver Standard projects.

1 Gold Silver Pirates = 1 spot on the whitelist for all future NFT drops.

Buying a Gold Silver Pirate gets you onto the whitelist for all our future drops and projects. Our plan increases the number of projects under the Gold and Silver Standard NFTs brand. We can additionally provide the Gold and Silver Standard NFT solution to other brands wanting to enter the NFT market with as little risk as possible. A Gold Silver Pirate is only first ticket into every future project that Gold and Silver Standard supports. That brings Gold Silver Pirate holders real direct financial value! It’s an incentive structure that drives traction of Gold Silver Pirates and also keeps our community close.

The initial sell price is also the best time to buy any Gold and Silver Standard NFT - as it is the only time you are guaranteed to buy at a price close to that of the underlying precious metals.

Build Your Map, Boost Your Whitelist Claim!

The Pirates already have value and collectability attributes. Let’s add gamifying and utility to the equation. Want to boost how many Pirates you can secure in future drops? Or make your whitelist spot even more valuable? Well, you’re going to need to collect all pieces of the pirate map - just like a real pirate.

We are building the pirate map into the NFT background. Here's how it works.

  • There will be 6 different backgrounds that all link up together (to make a full map) There will be 4 colours - randomised (red, green, blue and yellow).
  • If you have a set of 6 maps that make up the FULL map, you get extra benefits (2x the whitelist claims)
  • If you have a set of 6 maps all of the same colour then you get extra, extra benefits (3x the whitelist claims)

When you own a full map, you can access the exclusive Gold Club on our Discord. The Gold Club is a premium experience where the community can meet the team and discuss the project, among other things.

Gold Silver Pirates are the ONLY WAY to get the whitelist spots to all of our future Gold and Silver Standard NFTs. If you want to be on the whitelist, you need a pirate. If you want more spots, collect a set to make a full map!

So, if you want to join in on the new, fun and exciting way of owning gold and silver, join in and follow the project. All our links are below:

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