Gold Enters Bull Market

Something happened last night that you may not have ‘felt’ as an Aussie, nor will you likely see on the news.  Whilst we reported previously of US shares entering a ‘bear market’, defined as a 20% fall of the recent high, last night gold entered a ‘bull market’ in USD spot terms having risen over 20% off the recent low.  This is the first time we’ve seen this since it’s high in 2011 and fresh off the Golden Cross.  The chart below shows this:

In Aussie dollar terms we kissed 20% in mid February already, with the recent strengthening (and in most people’s opinion short life span) of the AUD bringing us a small fraction below 20% as we write.

If you haven’t already you can visit our Gold and Silver Price Charts on our website at any time to see the Aussie price performance over any period you like together with the AUD.