Exciting New Service Released in 24 Hours – Welcome to the Future of Trading!

Whether you are a bullion or crypto short-term trader or longer-term investor, we are sure that you agree with the sentiment that trading and investing are challenging at the best of times, and almost impossible to master during times of market uncertainty. There is a lot to learn and a lot involved in making your hard-earned money work hard for you. Furthermore, getting actionable advice is tough. Anyone who tells you making money is easy is either trying to take advantage of you or doesn’t actually trade or invest themselves, so they are coming from a background of theory that differs significantly from practice.

Some of the best on Wall Street have a combination of advanced quantitative analysis tools like we discussed yesterday and the 'greatest' minds with many many years of experience.  The world's biggest hedge fund, Bridgewater, is headed by one such mind, Ray Dalio.  This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the Lehmans collapse, the result of a debt crisis called the GFC.  Dalio is releasing a book called “Big Debt Crises” and yesterday posted the following:

"I believe that everything happens over and over again and that by looking at those things happening many times, one can see the patterns and understand the cause-effect relationships to develop principles for dealing with them. Prior to 2008, I had studied these relationships for debt crises with my colleagues at Bridgewater, and because we understood these relationships, we were able to navigate the crisis well when many others struggled."

At Ainslie we have been in the same boat as everyone else. We didn’t have access to such ‘Wall Street’ tools to decipher those repeat behaviours and have battled the markets every day, just like you have. Throughout 2018, however, we decided there must be a better way…

Tomorrow we will reveal what we believe is an unsurpassed value proposition exclusively for Ainslie clients. Something we have been using ourselves every single day to improve our performance in the markets. We absolutely love what we have developed and think you will as well!

Without giving too much away before our “go-live” at 9AM tomorrow, we can tell you now that we have been working with some very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence computing resources to produce some remarkable improvements to our understanding of the markets we deal in (Bullion, AUD/USD and Crypto). The results have blown us away!

We are not talking gimmicky AI or purely quantitative analysis either. We are talking cutting-edge, best-in-class, deep learning Artificial Intelligence systems that are learning and adapting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, managed by a team of people with the skills and expertise to make it all work. It is extremely complex to operate, but as you will see, very easy to use yourself in the way we have presented it…

All will be revealed tomorrow, but for now we just wanted to let you know that we believe the Future of Trading using Artificial Intelligence to give you the edge you have been looking for is less than 24 hours away… Stay tuned!