Does it matter if the current Quantitative Easing is tapered?

To wrap up the detail around last Friday’s news item, let’s look at QE (again).  Last Friday we made the point that there have been a number of QE’s before this latest QE3+(or QE Infinity) and each time they stopped the Dow Jones retracted, the economy faltered and they had to enter a new phase of money printing.  Whilst the Fed knows this is unsustainable and would lead to economic collapse if continued, they also know that they have both a market hooked on the stimulus and an inability to serve the very debt they have accumulated in doing it for so long.  It is quite simply a Ponzi scheme and you know how they end…  Long term for gold and silver it should be good either way.  Just buy on the lows and be prepared for a volatile ride for a little while longer.