Buying Low..

Attending the Gold Investment Symposium in Sydney legendary Rick Rule reminded us of the opportunity afforded by cycles, the application of logic, and the well proven fact that money is made in bear markets.  He systematically went through the 'narrative' supporting the market in say 2010 when gold and silver prices were recently in the bull market stage.  That same narrative is as, if not more, relevant today as we find ourselves inexplicably in a bear market. He reminded us of the George Soros quote for making real money:

"Find a widely held precept that is wrong and bet against it".

The gold price is on the nose but the fundamentals are just as strong. Real money is made buying low in such times and selling as the sheeple push it to hysteria. There's nothing new here but we often need reminding from the 'wise ones' and to listen to voice of logic in our heads.