Ainslie Intelligence - Weekly Summary of Performance

The last few months haven't been good to altcoins. While the Bitcoin price is moving upwards and continues to range, altcoin investors are punished more and more by the market. This leads to the fear of buying altcoins and we are getting stuck in a vicious cycle. It is to be expected that Bitcoin needs a natural period of accumulation, through which altcoins will eventually catch up and move alongside with BTC/USD, a pattern which we have seen many times – most notably at the start of 2016 when altcoin dominance fell from 16% to 8% and then saw ETH soar up 1,700% a few months later.

BTC price in AUD

We saw success in our GSR pair last month after seeing silver begin to outpace its gold counterpart. What tends to happen though is that gold moves first, silver then lags for a while and then suddenly rebounds to catch up fast, which we have seen over the last week.


Ordinarily investors focus primarily on gold, secondarily on silver, and it’s only when the gold-silver ratio becomes significantly wider than usual that the money and the attention gets switched to silver.

Silver is still trading lower than where it was five years ago whereas gold is now trading more than 20% higher. The obvious conclusion is that there is significantly more upside potential to silver which the AI is seeing – as demonstrated by its longer-term sell signal on our GSR pair.

Silver price

Here are our updated performance figures:

AI performance

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