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Over the last few weeks, we saw the GSR drop from its high of 93 back down to 83 as silver played catch up with gold. From August 22nd to the 5th of September, silver made strong gains on the back of demand, pushing the GSR down by roughly 10%.

The AI has been analysing sentiment and volume data in greater proportions over the same period as it sees those factors being the driving forces of the market currently. Throughout August our sell signal contributed to our overall gains of 11.1% and outperformance of a buy and hold strategy of 8.7%.

Currently, the AI is a buy on the GSR, indicating that it believes that gold will outperform silver. With the GSR still above the historically significant 80 level, this could be a shorter-term trade – perhaps recognising that silver buyers have run out of steam after a strong month of buying.

As for one of our crypto pairs, BTC AUD is in limbo after tracking sideways for the last 2 months giving no significant gains. Bitcoin had a strong start to the year, moving from sub-$5,000 levels to almost reaching $20,000 at the end of June. The crypto is in a long-term consolidation period – which is to be expected after a period of immense gains. Favourably for HODLer’s, Bitcoin is being held up by key support levels and remains a buy for both our AUD and USD pairs. 

The Ainslie Intelligence AI utilises multiple proprietary data sources and sophisticated deep learning neural networks to create a model that evolves as the markets do.

The first distinction between our AI and other products, such as “automated trading bots”, is that our technology delves much deeper and is processing 24/7, searching for patterns and connections on multiple layers, and across multiple markets. It is also important to remember that when using the AI signals, you are still in control of trading decisions and are not exposed to the software risks of bots.

We would recommend trading every signal provided by the AI for whatever trading pair you are following. The reason for this is that the goalposts are always moving and if you pick and choose which signals you want to trade, you may miss out when the AI captures larger market movements, which is where large profit is found. However, the signals can also be used for different reasons. For example, if you had some silver bullion that you are looking to turn into cash, you might wait for the next sell signal on silver in AUD. It all depends on your trading objectives

Here are our updated performance figures (as of 09/09/19):

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