Ainslie Intelligence, Trading Signals update

Our AI platform continues to adapt and evolve every day as it accesses new market data. The use of machine learning to guide investment decisions is expanding across the industry exponentially, and as such our AI will continue to need to adapt to a changing investing landscape so that it can continue to outperform. The time and skill we are investing into development and growth are what have kept us ahead of the market so far, and we can see that going forward it will become even more essential for individual investors to be supported with a sophisticated edge in analysis like the one we provide.

Our Silver Price in AUD pair has continued to improve during the precious metals bull run over the last 5 trades, producing 10.6% over this period. Silver appears to be following the gains that gold is producing in leading the market. Gold’s performance has been attributed to rising global trade tension between America and China. Trump’s trade war with China escalated to new highs over the weekend when he threatened to demand that US companies cut ties with China.

Siliver price in AUD

Our AI has made profits on gold during the same period, however it has struggled to balance the analysis between fundamental and technical factors. We are in unchartered territory with gold in AUD from a price perspective, which when combined with difficult to predict global fundamental factors, makes it that much harder to trade than usual. This is where we repeat our mantra of "removing emotion from trading". During these unprecedented times, the AI's ultimate benefit becomes even more apparent – ensuring you don't become reactionary to the cycles of the market. It is all about positioning yourself in the most likely profitable trades and waiting for the markets to continue their movements, in whichever direction they decide.

Gold Price AUD


Financial markets are driven by a myriad of complex variables that are frequently changing. It is quite unreasonable to expect that any model will be 100% correct, 100% of the time. We believe that success comes if you can build some models that make money most of the time. The gold and silver charts above show this principle in action. It is easy to make money using a buy and hold approach during a bull market, but not so easy when that bull market comes to an end. Our models have shown consistent gains in a diverse range of up, down and sideways markets, that on average outperform the market quite significantly, as you can see below.

Here are our updated performance figures (as of 26/08/19) – an overall improvement over last week!

AI performance

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