The AI has made some highly profitable trades on our Crude Oil WTI pair during the volatility surrounding the drone strikes on one of the primary Saudi Arabian oil factory's. Since the strikes, the AI has been able to find a 19.6% profit, contributing to its overall profit of 69.4% since December last year. The AI takes a keen interest on sentiment data for each of our pairs, making quick and emotional periods (such as this case) highly predictable.  

As you can see, sentiment for this market appropriately matches the volatility of the market. When public opinion reaches a consensus, it is usually wrong - they get too bullish after prices have risen, and too bearish after they have already fallen.

Because of that tendency, we very often see extremes in opinion right before major changes in trend. When the public reaches a bullish extreme - a great majority thinks prices will keep rising - then we most often see prices decline going forward instead. And when they become too bearish, then prices tend to rise.

Currently, Crude Oil is close to breaching the “too pessimistic” green dotted line, indicating that there may be a buy signal coming soon. The AI will be waiting for the ideal time to do so. 

Here are our updated performance figures:

As a general rule, we would recommend trading every signal provided by the AI for whatever trading pair you are following. This includes taking out a short position if the services are available to you. Doing so will maximise the profit potential and your gains will more accurately reflect our performance figures. 

However, if shorting isn't available on your trading platforms, several traders have experienced success just opening long positions on a buy and closing them on a sell signal instead. 

Currently, we have 5 trading pairs that are based in USD. However, if the demand is there, we can add more eventually, understanding that it is a resource issue because each pair is individually processed, so for example, BTC AUD and BTC USD are independent. We started with AUD pairs because that supports our Aussie based customers best, who purchase crypto directly with Ainslie Wealth. If you have any particular pairs you wish to be added, please contact one of our admins with your suggestions.

Feel free to join our Telegram channels to discuss our products with admins or other users. This is the best place to engage in a live chat with experts and peers at any time, 7 days a week. You can also phone us during office hours to speak to someone one-on-one.

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