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Silver is on the move again. Over the last week we have seen the precious metal increase by over $2, topping out this morning at $27.62. At the beginning of the month, silver topped off at $28.96 before retracing in a predicable fashion. The metals next target is to break through its yearly highs in order to reaffirm its strong bullish outlook. 

The GSR as a result of this morning’s movements has pushed down. While both metals have increased, over the last 3 months silver has undoubtedly been the stronger performer. Currently our GSR pair is up 10.7% and looks to add another 2% when today’s trading signals are released.

*Chart as of 23/9/2019


*Chart as of 24/9/2019

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The AI was able to trade Crude Oil WTI with precision last week, finding over 15% in gains over a few days. This was thanks to the AI’s ability to analyse sentiment data. After the drone strikes on one of Saudi Arabia’s primary oil factory’s, the market reacted emotionally from the opening bell at the start of the week, which the AI was able to exploit.


Here are our updated performance figures (as of 23/09/2019):

AI performance

As a general rule, we would recommend trading every signal provided by the AI for whatever trading pair you are following. This includes taking out a short position if the services are available to you. Doing so will maximise the profit potential and your gains will more accurately reflect our performance figures. 

However, if shorting isn’t available on your trading platforms, a number of traders have experienced success just opening long positions on a buy and closing them on a sell signal instead

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